Antarctic Trip Specifics and Thanks!

National Geographic Endeavour
National Geographic Endeavour

I am traveling with Linblad Expeditions and National Geographic on the National Geographic Endeavour.  These two organizations have a partnership where Linblad supplies the means and National Geographic provides some expert staff.  This voyage is going to be about photography for me, and I’m very excited to have photography experts such as Flip Nicklin, Rikki & Jack Swenson, and Kevin Schafer helping to click shutters.  Lisa Trotter and Kendra Nelsen will be leading us around while Brent Houston and Kim & Melanie Heacox will fill our heads with information about the places we’re visiting.  We’ll also have David Cothran keeping us abreast of things happening below the water.  Click here to learn more about the team.

I’d like to take a quick minute to thank Rikki Swenson for the phone calls and emails that have helped me prepare for this voyage.  And to Kim Heacox for writing about Shackleton – I enjoyed your book.

My grandmother deserves a ton of credit for helping me prepare as well.  Without her traveling expertise, I would have been lost!  I also have to thank my father for talking about going to Antartica for so many years.  Some of the things he’s said have actually stuck 🙂

And another thanks goes out to my entire family for the various gear gifts.

The wildlife isn't shy!
The wildlife isn't shy!

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  1. Jen says:

    Amazing shots!


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