Links, Books, Videos for traveling to Antarctica

Places to shop
Lindblad to go on an Expedition

NewEgg for Laptop Gear
B&H for Photography Gear
Amazon for books and DVD’s
Online Articles
Luminous Landscapes attacks Antarctica in 2007 – photography trip worth reading
Cool Antarctica forums – people who live, travel, and work there
flikr account on the Explorer – a photo account of the M/V Explorer sinking in late 2007
Letter from Sven on the sinking of Explorer – Sven Lindblad cut his teeth on the Explorer (used to be a Lindblad ship)
What is Antarctica like? Page 1Page 2
Photos:  Landscape shots
The Crystal Desert by David G. Campbell
Shackleton:  The Antarctic Challenge by Kim Heacox (one of the Lindblad staffers on my trip)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Smelly Kelly says:

    I don’t see “Happy Feet” or on a more serious note, “March of the Penguins”


  2. legohead says:

    These are not my pictures

    Another South Georgia gallery

    Good luck and have fun.


  3. axspot says:

    Thanks legohead – I thoroughly enjoyed Don Paulson’s photos.


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