2008 Salisbury Plain on South Georgia Island

My name is Alex and photography has been a hobby since my grandmother introduced me to it during my ninth year on earth.  Up until the 2000s it was fun to shoot, but the 2000s took me to a point where I started earning a little money for my photography.  Had I not accepted a career change in Vermont, it is possible I would have tried to earn a living behind the lens.

Unfortunately for my photography, the first 4 years in Vermont equated to maybe 100 photos in total.  A joke!  That time off, from shooting, was spent socializing and working on building a CRM system from scratch (the reason for moving to Vermont).  And that time off is a major regret I’m rapidly paying for!  Vermont is beautiful and I’m really enjoying discovering places outside of Chittenden county (Burlington area).  Landscapes and wildlife are my favorite subjects here and you can expect to see a lot more of each on this blog.

Automotive | Photography | Technology | Surfing | Snowboarding

Enhancing the design and innovation of Dealertrack Products from the Dealer.com office
Former Director of eCommerce for the Checkered Flag Automotive Group
Writer for DealerRefresh

Burlington, Vermont since 2010
Virginia Beach, VA since 1979

2012 Whistler Mountain backcountry in BC

Dreaming of
A photography trip to see the Polar Bears
A photography trip to the Altiplano in Bolivia
A snowboarding trip back to Jackson Hole
A snowboarding storm chase in Utah
Turning my backyard into a migratory bird destination

Shots I am currently hunting
Capturing a Vermont moose fully antlered in the fall foliage
Moss Glen Falls (of Stowe) with a good mixture of falling water and ice
A bald eagle fishing with the Adirondacks in the background
Sunset and sunrise from the top of the Green Mountains with a strong fog flowing through the valleys

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Great adventures! I like your photos too. I came over from your Smugmug site and it was nice to read the stories behind the photos but it would have been even better if your Smugmug photos had captions as well.

    Enjoy your trip to Antarctica – I’m supremely jealous! Please keep up the great work too, and don’t take my suggestion as critism – it is just a suggestion 😉


  2. axspot says:

    Thanks for the comment and compliments Angela!

    I’m shocked you already found this blog – I just made it yesterday. Yes, there is still a lot to do, and your suggestion has been well noted – thank you!

    Only another 6 weeks till I leave for the deep, deep, deep South….can’t wait!!!


  3. Ericson says:

    Cool blog, Aelx. I can’t wait to see your pictures form the deep south! Maybe a self portrait with a penguin?

    Good Luck!
    Ericson Calderon


  4. Troy J Barrilleaux says:

    It seems that you did quite a bit of traveling as a kid. Were you a military brat? I ask since my wife was and I am a jarhead myself.


  5. axspot says:

    Thanks for commenting Troy.

    No, none of my immediate family has been in the military during my lifetime. I am just fortunate to be a part of a family who loves to travel and has the means to do so!

    The only military left in the family (and he’s retiring soon) is an uncle who was Chief of Staff for the Truman group.

    We all certainly appreciate everything the military does; especially living in the Hampton Roads area – Thank You!


  6. Thoroughly enjoyable in every way, Alex. You are a pro. I’d ask you all kinds of questions, but you answered them all in your detailed account. Wish I wasn’t such a lund-lubber – aka ole chummer; I’d be planning an expedition.

    Keep up the great life. Best regards, George


  7. Alex Snyder says:

    Ironically…we have the same name…and are both photographers!


  8. axspot says:

    I just found your website the other day – you do some good shooting! Definitely ironic and funny on the name and hobby part.


  9. dan says:

    Your Costa Rica map is erroring out. I looks like the map no longer exists.


  10. axspot says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I linked it in from another site, but will fix it.


  11. Stephen says:

    Hi. I am a web designer and I have come across an image which I would like to use on one of my websites. Would you be happy for me to do so providing I place a link back to your website?



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