Welcome to a blog about the photography exploits of Alex Snyder.  This blog was started because I received a lot of requests to do something on my 2008 trip to Chile, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands (aka for this blog:  Antarctica).  If you read my first posting for this trip, you’ll understand why I am simply referring to the whole excursion as “Antarctica” even though I will not actually visit that continent this time around.  In putting this blog together, I got slightly carried away and decided to make it about all of my photography travels; along with some other things.  I hope you enjoy reading it!

Aside from a blog, I also have a photography site on SmugMug:  http://poindexter.smugmug.com

Pretty much everything is shot with Canon equipment, and a little with an old Sony DSC-F717 for Infrared photography.  A lot of time and research has gone into expanding/dwindling my camera gear, so please drop a comment on anything – I’m happy to give you my thoughts.

I am not a pro – just a very enthusiastic consumer.

Spam will not be tolerated here.  I’m happy to allow linking in comments if I know you – in fact – I encourage it for my friends!  Get some extra back-linking for yourself.

Nigerians, Russians, Hong Kongians, and all those other places around the world that harvest spammers…I deal with your crap enough at work, if I had a nuke key on my keyboard, you’d all be blown off the planet.  I hate your guts, so don’t even try to take advantage of this site.  It is easy enough for me to delete your comment and report you…and I will do both.

I am a big fan of giving credit to the author or artist, and try to do that whenever possible.  I do find a lot of images and material through Google, and sometimes there is no author to credit.  If you find anything on this site that belongs to you, and I have not given you proper credit, please let me know.  If you hold copyright to something that shouldn’t be on here, I’ll take it down upon your request.  There is no need to serve legal papers to me to get that done.